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Rising Dream interview 2011

2011.06.30. 19:34 | Csipke(passzio) | Szólj hozzá!

Hi! Nice to meet you there! At first, please tell me something about the current line-up of the band!


Filip: Hi there, nice to meet you too! Well current line-up is pretty solid one, it has changed many times since the beginning of the band, and Ines is the last newcomer. At first it was a bit strange to have female band member but soon we’ve all became one!


Goran: Yeah, it’s a collective of six quite unique individuals that manage their instruments and each other. There’s a ten year gap between the youngest and the oldest member, so there’s no lack of new ideas and/or point of views.


Ines (vocal) is the newest member, how did you meet her?


Filip: We knew Ines before she joined the band. When our last vocalist Josip left the band we had trouble finding his replacement so, in one of ours ”searching for vocalist” quests, we actually asked Ines does she knows anyone who could be suitable and she just said ”...well I can sing!”. We organized few rehearsals and we where thrilled with the quality of her voice, both growl and clean.


Was there any special reason to choose a female voice?


Filip: Recruiting female as a vocalist was not a closed option but there were not many chances we’d find a female vocalist who could do good growl and powerful clean vocals at the same time. Fortunately we found Ines who manages that very well.


Goran: Sure, there were few raised eyebrows when we got the proposition to try her out but fortunately everything turned out more than fine. We made a few changes on our old songs to make ’em more suitable for her vocals and we never looked back from that moment.


Your first album was released at 2008, how can you describe it now?


Filip: Failed apocalypse was more of a compilation of our very old song and new ones at the time. With that album we sealed our ”older era” and started a new one. We kinda evolved since then, now we make different, more aggressive and progressive music but it’s still recognisable Rising Dream sound.


Goran: We consider it a good school for songwriting and recording. Now we’re more sure what we want and what we want to avoid. Looking back on it, in some ways we’re a different band now… better one! J


Well, there are some questions about your shows. Have you already played in Hungary or that was the first time?


Filip: No, this was our first time in Hungary, unfortunately we were on the Metalfest only one day of the festival, so we didn’t have chance to hang around and drink with Hungarian metalheads, but we had a blast that day. People were extremely supportive during our show, and we would like to thank you for that!


What do you think about the Hungarian people, fans?


Filip: Answer is up! J


Goran: So far – so great! Great welcome, great response… will be back as much as we can.


What do you think about the Hungarian metal scene?


Filip: Unfortunately I must say I don’t know much about Hungarian metal scene, but I saw some good bands this year on HU Metalfest, hope to learn more about it in the future!


Goran: I’ve seen Ektomorf live several times and I’m somewhat familiar with the works of Casketgarden… I’m afraid my knowledge ‘bout the HU metal scene ends there. I’m sure we’ll have chance to meet “the scene” on-stage somewhere in or outside HU, soon.


What was the best Rising Dream concert for you? Why?


Filip: As any band we had ups and downs on stage trough all these years, but I think every new concert is better than the previous one, so I can say our best concerts so far where the HU Metalfes and CZ Metalfest!


Goran: Of course there are memorable ones in the past like Masters of Rock 2007 or some from the Failed tour 2009. But we’re definitely ecstatic ‘bout the Metalfest shows.


As far as I know you work together with Macro Management. Why did you choose that solution for promoting the band? What are the exact roles of the management?


Goran: Well, Macro Management was actually formed by our good friend. Designed to manage Rising Dream it is evolving in parallel with the band, so the band and the management learn and thrive on their own success and mistakes. Right now our management takes care of booking, some financial issues and arrangements, and cooperation with the people who know people J. Similar to Hungary, Croatia lacks any worked-out metal industry, so we had to work our own way through… and we’re still drilling.


Can you tell me something about the Croatian metal life, especially about the situation in your hometown? (Clubs, festivals, the opportunities of the native bands, etc.)


Goran: Croatian metal scene “came alive” only several years ago. ‘Till then there were only demo bands and projects promoting in several clubs. Now, we have a number of great acts and albums, some breaking the international scene. We can say things are looking up. There are not that many clubs and/or festivals in Croatia that support metal acts, so hopefully that’ll improve, too. Unfortunately, there’s no rock/metal club scene in our hometown, so quite often we have to find our opportunities somewhere else.


What are your plans for the future? (album, concerts)


Goran: First, we have two more festival shows in July. I’m glad to say that one of them is at Rockmaraton in Pecs, so we hope to see a lot of you wild people there J. We’ll be in preproduction mode during the rest of July and through August ‘cause we’re entering the studio in September. We’re working non-stop on the new album that should be out sometime during Spring 2012. This time we’ll be working with the great producer Rickard Bengtsson (Arch Enemy, Testament, Firewind…), so sure enough we’re in for a killer album J. We plan to tour as much as we can in 2012. ‘Till then, stay heavy, take care and see ya @ Rockmaraton 2011.


Thanks a lot, hope to see you again!


Thank you… great to have chance to do this. Take care and stay in touch! See ya soon.


Filip / Goran

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